Ten Lesser Known Facts About US Presidents - #6 Will Surprise You!

  1.  George Washington had a pet porcupine named Biscuit.

  2.  Thomas Jefferson invented the toaster.

  3. Martin Van Buren liked to eat bugs, particularly roly-pollies which he called "Nature's delicious little mints!

  4. Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer. But did you know he specialized in class action litigation against haberdashers?

  5. Theodore Roosevelt liked to dress up as a bear and frighten children.

  6. BOOOOO! I trust that surprised you!

  7. John F. Kennedy appeared on Broadway in a The Importance of Being Earnest.  His co-star was named.....Lincoln. A descendant of John Wilkes Booth attended the premier, and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

  8. I hope you have recovered from your surprise over number 6. I trust it was not too much to bear.

  9. Ronald Reagan enjoyed reading James Joyce's Ulysses aloud to staffers every morning.

  10. BOOOOO! Ha! You surely were surprised that time, as you had not been warned that #10 would surprise you! What fun we have!