Riddles Most Cunning!

For many, this is a slow week at work.  To that end, we have compiled some of the world's most diabolical and devious riddles to help while away the hours. We wish you luck in solving these Gordian knot-like brain benders! You will need it!  The answers await in the section below all riddles!


1.  The young don't know me. The old fear me.  Yet run as the will, I will catch them all.  Who am I?

2.  Wise men despise me. Fools love me. But none can avoid me, try as they might!

3.  I can breathe under water, yet live on the land.  I can swim as swiftly as the wind, yet I fly.  What am I?

4.  The fuller I am, the emptier I feel. What am I?

5.  Four walls have I, yet no roof.  But a chimney stands proud.  What am I?

6.  While you sleep, I am active, painting visions of fancy. No one will ever see me.  Who am I?

7.  The more of me you spend, the more of me you have. What am I?

8.  The shepherd needs me, as does the baker.  The king does as well, but the merchant does not.  What am I?

9.  The higher I rise, the lower men stoop.  What am I?

10.  I have a door with no knob and a window with no glass. I can keep none out, yet no one goes in.  What am I?


1.  Mark Barclay of Topeka, Kansas.

2.  Puppets.

3.  Whimsy.

4.  An arboretum.

5.   A house that is in the process of being re-reroofed.

6.  Banksy.

7.  Cotton candy.

8.  Lip balm, of which the merchant has an ample supply due to wise seasonal purchasing.

9.  Gravity. But only if taken to absurdly high levels.

10.  Some weird house.