Ten Things You Should Not Say To People Who Are Scared Of Bees

Many people are scared of bees. And for them, life is full of difficulty.  They are constantly surrounded by people who are not scared of bees and who are not sensitive to their concerns.  When dealing with people who are scared of bees, you should modify your behavior and avoid saying the following things:

1.  Hey, is that a bee?

2.  Look out, there are bees!

3.  Man, what if a bee got in here?

4.  I just found out your house was built on the site of an ancient bee burial ground.

5.  A bee! A bee! Look! Look! A bee!

6.  I neglected to tell you before you came over, but my apartment is also a free range bee farm.

7.  I'd like you to meet my friend Steve. He's a dentist. And a bee.

8.  Wouldn't it be weird if bees moved into people's empty shoes at night?

9.  Hey, your car looks like a bee!

10.  Buzz Buzz Buzz. I'm a giant bee.