Nick Phillips

Nick Phillips is an American born actor, musician and singer. He is classically trained in the American style. His early career was started by his portrayal of the drunken prodigal son in his 6th grade year end parochial school concert. He followed up this success with outstanding musical performances in his 7th and 8th Christmas pageants. After conquering musical theater, Nick felt that he need to branch out professionally and subsequently joined a group of local avant garde performers, where he created such memorable characters as, Connor Re’ Moor, the aristocratic elven bladesinger, and the always memorable, Rizzen, the clumsy con-man drow thief. After an extended stint performing with this experimental performance group, Nick drifted briefly into television. His best known performance was as doctor #2 in the in-house commercial “Fort Sanders Regional Hospital”. Few will forget his riveting performance in this comercial de televisión. Recently, Nick returned from a tour of Chicago and Atlanta, where he wowed audiences with his one man, one act monologue; “Subcortical brain volumes and neurocognitive function in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) treated with chemotherapy-only.” 


Commercial Actor - Foley's Night Out