Stacey Cotham

Stacey is a Rhodes College alum currently residing in Carrboro, North Carolina. While she resided in Memphis, she participated in several productions at Rhodes and was also attached to Freakengine (now defunct) and the local Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, Absent Friends (still depraved as ever). Now that she lives in North Carolina, she has assumed the guise of a bookseller by the light of day. At night, however, she undergoes a frightening transformation. Whole bolts of fabric fall victim to her scissors and hot glue, and no bottle of glitter remains full for long. Once her dread work is done, she generally tumbles onto seedy stages with equally seedy groups such as Raleigh's Nerdvana and Greensboro's Discordia Dames. In the morning, she's generally covered in glitter and feathers and has a heck of a time explaining what happened to her bosses and costumers. As far as future plans go, Stacey really wants to teach one day, but if that doesn't work out, there's always world domination.


Christy Brown - The Story: Murder In A Southern Town

Penny Extraneous - Johnny Quickmind - Boy Detective